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Combining SharePoint and Twitter
Knowing where your colleagues are at when you're at work can be very important.  We don't always update our "Out of the office" message in Outlook, and it seems a hassle sometimes to change our voicemail.  Besides, e-mail and voicemail aren't the ideal "place to go" to find a person's most recent status as to what they're doing or where they are at.
I thought I would try mashing up SharePoint and Twitter, a free and simple online application used solely for the purpose of answering the question "what are you doing."  I guess I could have established this functionality within a SharePoint list, but I really like how you're able to update Twitter via your mobile phone.
One of the key aspects of this page is that it allows users to update and their status and check another's status from the same page.  My belief is that adoption will be much greater if you allow users to both update and monitor in the same place, without having to go to an external site to update their status.
Check out the video that I uploaded to Soapbox to demonstrate how this is used!  If I get any interest, I'll create a video on how to build this type of site for your own organization.  Here are some more pictures below:
Thumbnail - Web Part Page
An image of the web part page used to check twitter updates and update your own status.
Thumbnail - Twitter Names List
The Twitter Names List which contains the Twitter ID Number (for retrieving the right XML feed) as well as the Twitter Login e-mail and password for each user (for updating status from SharePoint).
Thumbnail - JSON URL
A look at the JSON URL used to update Twitter from SharePoint.  If anyone knows how I can write the code to do this myself, I'd like to know!


Comments are now enabled!

Good grief.  All this time I was thinking that comments were enabled and had never tried going to my site unauthenticated...Molta benee.  All is well now.
at 8/28/2007 5:52 PM

Cool stuff

very cool, could you please post some more details how to do this
at 8/30/2007 4:43 AM

In Response to Comment on Mike G's Blog

I noticed that you were a bit hurt by my comment on Mike's blog.  If you haven't already done so you should show how to build this type of site:)
at 9/27/2007 1:57 PM

Re: In Response to Comment on Mike G's Blog

Haha.  I think it was my own fault because I didn't have comments enabled correctly.  I still want to do the video, but I need some time to be able to sit down and do it.  I've been slammed with work and other free time activities which are preventing me from getting to it.  And Vista doesn't like my Microphone.  I may have to boot back into XP and do it from there (I'm glad I did a clean install on a 2nd HD instead of an upgrade!).  Thanks for the reminder, though.
Michael Metzcus at 9/27/2007 2:06 PM